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I'm a charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor, and writer. I'm the founder and Chief Strategist at Shift, a digital first marketing agency for charities, and CEO at Nonprofit Supply Co., equipping small and medium sized nonprofits with ideas, services, and tools they need in the digital age. I also started and host of The Good Journey Pod, a weekly podcast with thought leaders, philanthropists, and innovators shaping the world of ‘good’.

I 'accidentally' got a Masters of Nonprofit Administration, and then worked in fundraising and marketing for a start-up nonprofit in Chicago and international organization in Canada before helping start a digital agency in Vancouver, Charity Express. Charity Express then merged with technology company Chimp, where I worked in Business Development and Client Strategy before starting my own company - now called The Josephson Group.

I'm an adjunct professor at North Park University’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management, contribute to The Huffington Post, and manage my own blog at You can follow me on Twitter, @bradyjosephson.


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