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I've always been fascinated with consulting...

I studied nonprofit management and fundraising as an undergrad, before accidentally going to grad school... long story..., and I remember needing to ask an alumni for money. That alumni happened to be Jimmy Alford who started The Alford Group - an incredibly powerful and successful nonprofit consulting firm focused on fundraising. Gulp.

I stammered through what I'm sure was a very poor 'ask' and Jimmy graciously gave more than he really should've. I learned a lot about fundraising but also had a picture of one thing I'd maybe want to do with my life - and The Josephson Group was born. You can read more about me and my journey to The Josephson Group if you want but here's where I focus my consulting time.

For Charities & Nonprofits

  • Fundraising Audits & Marketing Plans

  • Technology & Tool Decision Making

For Companies & Corporations

  • Cause Marketing & Consumer Engagement

  • Charitable Giving & Employee Engagement

For Donors & Funders

  • Philanthropic Advising & Grant Making

  • Organization Selection & Impact Assessments

Interested in working together or learning more? Give me a shout.